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Kolkata Environmental Improvement Project (KEIP) is a multi-agency endeavour to arrest environmental degradation and improve the quality of life in Kolkata. Its work is mainly in the outer areas of the city where the sewerage and drainage infrastructure is grossly inadequate and the drainage canals are choked by silt.

KEIP’s  objectives  are  to  reduce  pollution

by providing affordable access to basic urban services in slums, revamp and up grade the sewerage and drainage system, make solid waste management system efficient,restore the city's drainage canals , and improve outdoor recreation facilities in parks and water bodies. It also has a capacity building component to raise the standards of KMC’s delivery of municipal services.

Project Management Setup
PMU - Project Management Unit
CMU - Contract Management Unit
PAU - Project Accounts Unit
SDU - Social Development Unit
PCC - Project Coordination Cell
PMC - Project Management Consultants
DSC - Design and Supervision Consultants
PRC - Public Relation Consultants
Contract Management Unit
As per the loan agreement with ADB, all the Project’s civil work is to be carried out by three key players—the Employer, the Engineer, and the Contractor—as per FIDIC guidelines. The job of Employer and Engineer is usually done by the same people in KMC or government civil work. However, as per FIDIC guidelines, for all civil work under KEIP, KMC is the Employer, DSC is the Engineer and the agencies (successful bidders) are the Contractors. In order to perform the job of the Employer effectively, a Contract Management Unit (CMU) has been set up in the PMU in 2005. It is supposed to be staffed by a Chief Engineer, Dy. Chief Engineers, Executive Engineers and Assistant Engineers on deputation from KMC.
The CMU is responsible for timely implementation and quality control of work done in the various components of KEIP, especially S&D. It ensures the enforcement of FIDIC guidelines in contract management. During construction work, it also monitors and coordinates all events and sequencing of planning, design, operation and handing over.
Project Accounts Unit
The PMU has a Project Accounts Unit (PAU) comprising finance and accounts personnel on deputation from KMC. It is headed by the Deputy Municipal Commissioner (Finance). The day-to-day work of the PAU is looked after by a Deputy CMFA, deputed to the Project from KMC, with assistance from support staff. The PAU, apart from financial management and reporting, maintains the accounts of the Project, passes bills for payment, and makes reimbursement claims to ADB.
The PMU has a Project Accounting System. It is a computerised system consisting of an Integrated Business Process System with built-in controls, information visibility and work-flow driven approval hierarchy.
Social Development Unit
Slum improvement and resettlement of canal bank dwellers are two major social development components of KEIP. Social development issues feature in other components too, like, sewerage and drainage, and solid waste management. KEIP's experience of engaging an NGO at the Project level to take up planning and implementation of its social development agenda did not prove successful. As an alternative and appropriate institutional arrangement, a Social Development Unit (SDU), was set up in the PMU in 2005. The SDU is a mix of consultants and KMC officials. It is responsible for overall management and monitoring of all social development-related tasks across KEIP components, as per the community development plan of the Project. The SDU has three cells:
  • Resettlement and Rehabilitation.
  • Community Development and NGO Coordination.
  • Stakeholder Consultation.
10 NGOs from the social development sector (8 for the slum improvement component and 2 for resettlement and rehabilitation) work under the overall supervision and guidance of SDU.

 Community Development Plan

 A Community Development Plan (CDP) has recently been developed with clear strategies to institutionalize and  intertwine CD activities into all components of KEIP and KMC.
 Its strategies include:
  • convergence between ongoing programmes and schemes of KMC and KEIP interventions.
  • assessment of needs of target groups including baseline information for designing project interventions.
  • active involvement of stake-holders in pre-construction, during construction and post-construction stages.
  • mainstreaming CD initiatives of KEIP with KMC. 

Project Coordination Cell
The Project requires a lot of inter-departmental and inter-agency coordination for implementation of its components. This includes liaison with the West Bengal Pollution Control Board, the Departments of Environment, Forest, Finance, Transport, Fisheries, Land and Land Reforms, Police, BSNL, CESC, WBSEB, District Administration, etc. The Project also requires close coordination with departments of KMC and KMDA. The Project Coordination Cell (PCC) facilitates these activities. Headed by the Administrative Officer, KEIP, it has consultants who are experienced retired government officials.
Project Management Consultants
(DHV Consultants, The Netherlands, in association with DHV India; and PSP)

The Project Management Consultant (PMC)
  • assists the PMU in its function and responsibilities in project formulation, implementation, management and monitoring.
  • oversees the work of DSC to ensure that ADB's requirements are met with.
  • assists the Project Director in approving designs, ensures quality of work, and does capacity building of the PMU
  • assists in strengthening the capabilities of the PMU.
The PMC functions as part of the Project Management Unit (PMU) and assists the various units of the PMU. The PMC Team Leader functions as an overall advisor to the Project Director. The other professional members of the team provide advice, assistance and training to the PMU as well as to domestic consultants carrying out design and construction supervision.
Design and Supervision Consultants
(Consulting Engineering Services (I) Pvt Ltd in association with Stup Consultants Pvt Ltd; Ghosh Bose & Associates Pvt Ltd; and DHI Water & Environment)

The Design and Supervision Consultant (DSC) as design consultants
  • carries out surveys, studies and site investigations.
  • generates primary data and updates the findings of the feasibility study
  • prepares master plans.
  • prepares conceptual and detailed engineering designs.
  • prepares tender documents, specifications and construction drawings.
  • assists the PMU in tender and bid evaluations.
The DSC as engineers serves as the Engineer within the context of the conditions of the construction contracts, and provides day-to-day contract administration, construction supervision and quality assurance. The DSC is also responsible for measurement and certification of the work completed, and for certifying and recommending payment to the contractors. As part of these services, the DSC is supposed to monitor the Project’s progress, maintain quality and recommend any action to prevent any delays, and report on the Project’s activities, progress, and problems.
Public Relation Consultants

Blue Lotus Communications Pvt. Ltd.
1st Floor, 11 A Bompas Road,
Kolkata - 700029
Irrigation Waterways Department
Government of West Bengal

Project Implementation Committee
The Project Implementation Committee of the Irrigation & Waterways Department (I&WD), Government of West Bengal, was set up in 2003. The committee:
  • approves schemes for canal improvement works
  • evaluates technical bids
  • finalises bids
  • acts as a Special Tender Committee.
The members of the Committee are:
  • Project Director, PMU of I&WD, KEIP - Chairman
  • Representative of PMC
  • Representative of DSC
  • Project Manager (Mech. & Elec.), I&WD
  • Project Manager (Civil), I&WD - Convenor.

The Technical Experts Committee was set up to offer technical recommendations in the implementation of the pumping stations, review proposed developmental works at the Keorapukur Drainage Basin and on other related technical matters. This Committee meets at regular intervals.

The members of this committee are:
  • Retd Secretary, I&W Department, Chairman
  • Expert, WAPCOS (India) Ltd
  • Project Director, PMU of I&WD, KEIP
  • Chief Engineer (D&R) I&WD
  • Director of Designs,Central Designs Office, I&WD
  • Project Manager (Mech. & Elec.), I&WD
  • Team Leader, PMC
  • Team Leader, DSC
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